Every pet owner has their own routine — and their own great stories. Reader Alle5 recently opened up to share all about her own pet raising adventures with her pint-sized Pom, Luna.

PetSugar: When did you get your dog and what's her breed?
Alle5: I got Luna at the end of the Summer in 2008, she's just about to turn three and she's a Pomeranian.

PetSugar: What's your daily doggie routine?
Alle5: Luna wakes up early with me and we both have breakfast. Unfortunately she doesn't go to work with me, but I try to take her to the dog park either in the morning before I start my day (we stop for coffee first) or in the evening. Then we make dinner together and hang low.


What's Alle5's all-time favorite Luna moment, find out after the jump.

PetSugar: What's Luna's favorite food, pastime, and treat?
Alle5: Luna loves carrots! Actually any fruit or vegetable. She's actually stolen food from the vegetable drawer in the fridge. She also loves squeaky toys and now that she's learned to play push with her ball, she won't stop. She's always pushing the ball to me with her nose and waiting for me to roll it back, or just pushing it and bouncing it off the wall. She could entertain herself like that for hours.

PetSugar: What was your all-time favorite moment with Luna?
Alle5: Hmm . . . So many. I loved taking her to the ocean for the first time. I took her off the leash and she was so uncertain she followed me like a shadow. We walked till she got tired and we both took a nap in the sun. I love how small she was when I first got her I could take her everywhere and still have room to spare in my bag. She usually just dozed off while I carried her around. The day I got her I had dinner at a friend's, while she slept on my lap under the table, and you didn't even know she was there. When I first got her she didn't make a noise for almost two months. Just these amazing expressions and her tiny fox tail always so happy and wagging.

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