Gatara didn't just send us pics of her cute cat Joey, she sent his life story that reads like a fairy tale (tail?). Slightly edited, here goes:

"Once upon a time there was a cat named Joey. He was a loving and playful cat that lived near my house. My neighbours gave him to their daughter, but she tired of the cat quickly. They didn't like animals very much and didn't look after him very well. Despite the fact that they had a big, beautiful house, the poor cat ate only left-overs and he always slept in the garden. They didn't even visit the vet to vaccinate him!

Fortunately, one day, when he grew up and was a few months old, he was able to jump several walls and home! A family with a small house and a simple car, but a wonderful world with four healthy cats eating delicious food, sleeping on comfortable sofas and beds and playing with fun toys! A home with people who love animals and enjoy living and playing with them. The cat's paradise!!!! And Joey was a very smart cat. He thought that it was a great place to live. He forgot his first family and adopted us...and now he lives happily ever after with his new family and friends! The End."

That's quite a story, Gatara! I assume the first, non-pet-friendly family were happy to see him in a happier home! And I love that Joey (looking mighty cute below peeking out from flowers) had enough foresight to say, "I'm freakin' outta here!" He found a loving home, it sounds like. Thanks for sharing!

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