Pet of the Week

Meet Deja. She's exhibiting what I like to call the universal "'Sup, beyotches!" face. DeJaVuE tells us that her mom wouldn't let her have ferrets when she was a kid, so she made sure that when she grew up and had her own place, she'd get one. (One of the sweet pleasures of being an adult!) Not only has Deja wiggled her furry little self into DeJaVuE's heart, "Since we've had Deja," she tells us, "she's wiggled herself into anywhere she thinks she can fit, done many happy dances, figured out how to open cupboards, lost her best friend (Dex) and probably attacked our feet over a million times! " Anyway, we could not be happier that the category of "pet" has expanded to "ferret." We're pro-diversity here at GS! Whoo hoo! Go Deja! (Check out her ridiculously cute pics below...)

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