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These Pets Are Superexcited About Easter

Mar 27 2016 - 11:55am

Happy Easter! It seems there are several Easter "bunnies" out there spreading the cheer today. From cats hoarding all the goodies to pups that are jealous of the real deal, we found a collection of cute pets celebrating Easter. There are even a few really little thumpers dressed for the occasion, too. So kick back, grab some jelly beans, and enjoy the cuteness.

Source: Instagram [1]

So My Ears Are Green?

No big deal.

Source: Instagram user cassierutledge [2]

I'm Loving This

Every single second of it.

Where's the Easter Egg Hunt?

I'm ready to dig for some treats.

Source: Instagram user meko_doodle [3]

I Can Hear You Now

And it sounds like you're going to give me lots of treats for wearing these.

I'm Celebrating

That's right. I'm having a really good time.

Source: Instagram user bunnzies [4]

Super Ears

Is it me, or are these ears bigger than me?

Source: Instagram user cookiesnookie [5]

Is It Over Yet?

I delivered all those baskets. I deserve a nap!

Source: Instagram user henry_thebulldog [6]

You Weren't Planning on Eating Them All

Sharing is caring.

Source: Instagram user nellimiau [7]

Which Egg Should I Pick?

It's so hard to make decisions.

Source: Instagram user lindaahultmaan [8]

I Know, I Know

Sure, I look cute, but isn't it time to go play fetch or something?

Source: Instagram user flissfloxx_xo [9]

But Really, I Love This

Just wake me up when it's over.

Dare You to Laugh

Really, I'm loving these ears!

Source: Instagram user digbyvanwinkle [10]

I'm All Dressed

How do you like my Easter bow tie?

Source: Instagram user animalsinbowties [11]

Did You Take the Picture Yet?

Did you? I'm ready to have my treats.

Source: Instagram user genkibulldog [12]

These Are Mine

I know you're on a diet, so I'm just helping out. I'll take these treats.

Source: Instagram user pajjjas [13]

I Come Bearing Gifts

They're of the egg variety. You're welcome.

Until Next Year . . .

When I'll probably have to wear these things again. Good thing I love my humans!

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