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Pucker Up: Cute Pictures of Animals Kissing

Aug 11 2014 - 7:35am

There's nothing cuter than pets offering a quick kiss, making this collection of adorable, smooching animals just about the sweetest thing around. From pups slathering best friends with sloppy licks to small pecks from colorful birds, these animals know how to show true love. Click through for a few favorite pics of pets kissing.

Mi Amor

This pair of love birds knows how to show some serious affection.

Source: Flickr user ferranp [1]

Puppy Love

This little pup is smitten with his new best friend.

Source: Flickr user nicksee [2]


These two absolutely love each other.

Source: Instagram user melissabessmonroe [3]

Hog Wild

How cute are these baby pigs giving some smooches?

Source: Flick user stewart [4]

Big Lick

There's nothing cuter than a babe getting kisses from a sweet dog.

Source: Flickr user abennett96 [5]

Kitty Kiss

Here are a few kitties sharing a quick kiss.

Source: Flickr user kikifotosbolivien [6]

Unique Mix

Here's a pup who loves giving big kisses to his lizard buddy.

Source: Flickr user spicuzza [7]

Snuggle Up

This cat and dog duo knows how to snuggle.

Source: Flickr user pattipics [8]

Kiss Kiss

Don't you just want to squeeze these adorable kissing prairie dogs?

Source: Flickr user usfwshq [9]

Opposites Attract

Awww! This cat loves her big doggy friend.

Source: Flickr user jimmyhsu_tw [10]

Special Bond

This dog and horse love a good nose rub.

Source: Flickr user cvjofrockwood [11]

Cute Kitties

How cute are these kissing kitties?!

Source: Instagram user drawingismypassion10 [12]

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