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10 Pets That Would Like Your Attention Right Now

Aug 19 2014 - 6:08pm

Sometimes we get caught up with stuff and forget our furry friends just love spending time with us. But, even when we're the busiest, pets seem to figure out the cutest ways to let us know they would like our love and cuddles. Check out these 10 pets that have mastered the art of begging for attention.

It's time to stop shopping online. Really.

I'm much more important than updating your Facebook status.

Get out from under the covers and walk me, please.

Could you pencil me into your busy schedule?

Really? Watching this is more important than cuddling with me?

Look, I've already got a string — just wiggle it around a little bit so we can play together.

Hey, there! I'd love to hang out with you!

How can you resist this cuteness? How?

Stop playing that silly game, and look at me.

You're just going to give me this toy and then walk away? Not fair.

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