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Photos of 2012 NCAA Collegiate Mascot Animals

Crack the Books: Test Yourself on Collegiate Mascot Animals

Tonight, college football fans nationwide will tune in to watch Louisiana State University's Fighting Tigers take on the University of Alabama Crimson Tide in the BCS Championship game. Though we're not sure if LSU's live mascot will make the trip, the university's Bengali-Siberian mix got us thinking about other schools whose mascots pacing the sidelines are more the Wild Kingdom kind. Whether you aced or flunked our last test, try your hand at our latest quiz about crazy collegiate critters!

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Sir Big Spur is as cute as a peanut on the sideline of this university.
Clemson University
University of Georgia
University of North Carolina
University of South Carolina
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These high-flying ponies would sooner pull the wagon for this university's spirit team than graze on the sidelines.
University of Oklahoma
Kansas University
University of Missouri
University of Nebraska
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Both on field grass and hardwood, this bullish fellow feels at home, so long as he can cheer on his team at this Indiana university.
Indiana University
Butler University
Purdue University
Valparaiso University
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Ralphie V roams the range (or the field, as it were) for this mile-high university.
Boise State University
University of Utah
University of Wyoming
Colorado University
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This military academy finds nothing stubborn about a herd of mules.
Air Force (United States Air Force Academy)
Army (United States Military Academy)
United States Coast Guard Academy
Navy (United States Naval Academy)
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This steed carries a gallant knight into battle for this "sunshine state" university.
Florida State University
University of Central Florida
University of South Florida
University of Florida
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This porcine mascot's razor-sharp tusks gave him his name — and necessitate some extra safety precautions — during game time at this university.
Mississipi State University
University of Alabama
Memphis State University
University of Arkansas
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This well-heeled (and horned) dorset sheep loves this university, no butts about it.
University of North Carolina
University of South Carolina
University of Vermont
University of Maryland
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It's quite fitting that this bird of prey represents this university.
University of Wyoming
Auburn University
Air Force (United States Air Force Academy)
University of Washington
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This cavalier gent rides into the stadium atop a galloping mount at games for this university.
University of Vermont
Vanderbilt University
University of Virginia
Univesity of West Virginia
2012 NCAA Collegiate Mascot Animals
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