Photos and Video of Siku the Baby Polar Bear

Polar Bear Siku Guzzles Milk and Melts Hearts

Polar Bear Siku Guzzles Milk and Melts Hearts

The loss of Knut the polar bear last year left a trail of broken hearts among animal lovers worldwide. Thankfully, the good people at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark have brought us Siku, and our hearts are once again replete. At just 49 days old, the orphaned baby polar is already an Internet sensation, simply for sucking on a bottle and passing out in a food coma. But so long as this little guy is willing to feast and snooze for us, we won't complain!

And be sure to check out oodles of Siku's adorable studio head shots below!

Source: Hilmer & Koch for Scandinavian Wildlife Park


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