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Presidential Pets Celebrate the Holidays at the White House

Dec 19 2011 - 4:00am

Life isn't easy being a first pet. Between providing inspiration for White House decorations [1] to approving the Christmas tree [2] to appearing at worthwhile public events [3], it seems as though a presidential companion's work never ends. Bo, the ever-popular Obama family dog, has kept his food dish full of activities during this holiday season, which inspired us to take a look back at how his predecessors kept busy at the White House during previous administrations.

Bo Obama poses in front of a holiday decoration, made from 40,000 pipe cleaners, created in his honor.

Source: The White House [4]

Bo looks picture-perfect beneath the Christmas tree in the White House's Diplomatic Reception Room.

Source: Official White House photo by Samatha Appleton [5]

One of President George W. Bush's canine pals, Barney, checks out the presents under the White House tree.

Source: George W. Bush Presidential Library [6]

Former first lady Laura Bush brings Barney for a festive visit to the Children's National Medical Center.

Source: Getty Images [7]

Barney and Spot join former first lady Laura Bush on a preview of the White House holiday decorations in 2002.

Source: Getty Images [8]

Socks, the cat, keeps an eye on the Clinton's Christmas bounty.

Source: The White House [9]

Springer Spaniel Millie looks regal posed before festive decor in the White House's East Wing.

Source: The White House Historical Association [10]

Former President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan cuddle up with Lucky under the tree in 1984

Source: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library [11]

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel Rex is sitting pretty, taking in the annual lighting of the National Christmas Tree with the Reagans in 1985.

Source: Ronald Reagan Presidential Library [12]

Betty Ford cooked up a bundle full of cute with this Christmas Golden Retriever puppy.

Source: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library [13]

Former President Nixon's pooches — Pasha, the Yorkshire Terrier; Vicky, the Poodle; and King Timahoe, the Irish Setter — behaved admirably for this pic (undoubtedly in anticipation of the holiday treats to follow!).

Source: Nixon Presidential Library [14]

The Johnson family dives into unwrapping gifts while pup Yuki oversees the activity.

Source: Lyndon Baines Johnson Library [15]

The Kennedys celebrate in a collaborative fashion with friends and family dogs Clipper and Charlie.

Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library [16]

Wee Cocker Spaniel pup Feller was a gift to President Harry S. Truman and his family.

Source: National Archives [17]

President Calvin Coolidge, first lady Grace, and two white Collies welcome son John home for the holidays. The Coolidges owned a full spectrum of pets including dogs, cats, birds, raccoons, a donkey, a bobcat, lion cubs, a wallaby, a bear, and a pygmy hippo.

Source: Library of Congress [18]

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