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Animal Babes Wish Mom Happy Mother's Day!

May 11 2013 - 6:00am

Mom knows best, especially in the animal world. A glimpse of these mothers at work and play with their little ones is proof that the special mother-child bond is a celebration our animal friends share. Cute critters rely on mom to teach them the ways of the world, so in honor of our moms [1] — and theirs — here's a look at some of the cutest animal moms and their babes.

Make Way For Ducklings!

Just like any protective mama, this proud mother duck leads her flock of little ones down the line.

Take Shelter

When you're scared, who better to come running to? This elephant babe knows where to hide out.

Hippo Hugs

A kiss from mom makes anything better. Mom and her hippo baby nuzzle noses.

Baby Roo

Look who's peeking out from mom's pouch! This tiny baby kangaroo takes a nap, under mom's watchful eye.

Big Kiss

This little cub's getting kisses — and a bath — from mom.

Piggyback Ride

Forget the stroller, this Cariblanco Capuchin doesn't monkey around. She gives her snoozing babe a ride all on her own.

Eskimo Kisses

On a break from their hunting adventures, this polar bear babe shows mom some love.

Snuggle Buddy

This seal pup knows snuggling up with mom is the best way to stay warm.

Horsing Around

This foal is all about the fun, but mama's on a mission.

Lemur Love

Mom's got a treat, and this little guy is after it! This curious lemur babe can't take its eyes off of mom.

Cheetah Cats

Here's a proud cheetah mom watching over her fluffy cubs.

Lots of Licks

How sweet is this adorable baby giraffe getting a big lick from his mom? Baby giraffes top out around six feet tall at birth.

Big Smooch

Here's an orangutan mom that loves giving her newborn lots of smooches.

Unconditional Love

This white lion cub and his mom love nuzzling while spending time together.

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