Pictures of Cute Cats on Roofs

Summer Sizzles With Cats on a Hot (Tin) Roof

Summer Sizzles With Cats on a Hot (Tin) Roof

Cats have a way of appearing in the most unlikely of places — in your linen closet, halfway up the Christmas tree, even atop the refrigerator — but their favorite direction tends to be straight up. Whether basking on Spanish tile, skittering across tar and gravel, or tiptoeing on — yes — tin, cats love to get away from it all at the tippity top of our homes to survey the bird population and keep tabs on the neighborhood tabby. While scaling a roof on Summer's most sweltering of days isn't how we would choose to stay cool, these cats seem perfectly happy to greet the July heat.

Source: Flickr users geoffeg, Brian Smithson (Old Geordie), and LumpiLou


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