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Hair of the Dog: 13 Boozehounds Hit the Bottle

Aug 9 2011 - 4:02am

These pups hit the bottle (can, cap, and mug) . . . but only for photo's sake! To add a little comedy to your morning, I've gathered 13 piccys with boozehounds and created silly captions for each — if you can think of something better, pop it in the comments below!

Source: Flickr User caite_maire [1]

Just Like a Baby

And his beer bottle, that is.

Source: Flickr User John H. Kim [2]

Can Someone Give Me a Hand Here?

Two bottles, one dog, zero openers.

Source: Flickr User wickenden [3]

I Drank Thiiiiiis Much

Now I'm taking a break from the booze.

Source: Flickr User jakobinac [4]

A Teeny, Tiny Cap

Oh wait, that's just a beer top!

Source: Flickr User urkonn [5]

How Green Is Your Valley?

This pup stands out in a scene of green.

Source: Flickr User Felipe Skroski [6]


Beer (shotgunned and) cast aside, tongue ready for more.

Source: Flickr User dboy [7]

Sniffin' the Stein

This Yellow Lab spots some German stout.

Source: Flickr User jb.atwood [8]

A Dog Walked Into a Bar . . .

And spotted a half full beer sitting there!

Source: Flickr User Elsie esq. [9]

Balancing Act

It's not the circus, just take the picture already!

Source: Flickr User brndnprkns [10]

After a Long, Hot Day

All this pup needs is a cool one.

Source: Flickr User iluvrhinestones [11]

Big Ears, Little Can

Look away from the beer.

Source: Flickr User koishikawagirl [12]

This Is Not Gravy

I said "au jus" not ale. Bartender!

Source: Flickr User nicmcc [13]

Dog Tired

Even "dog beer" has its risks.

Source: Flickr User Jay Scott Photography [14]

Read the Sign

Although these dogs were jokingly posed with beer, alcohol is not (under any circumstances) for dogs . . . unless it's Johnnie Barker Black Lab [15]!

Source: Flickr User robstephaustralia [16]

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