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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Jan 6 2011 - 5:19pm

Much of the US and Europe had a white Christmas, and the freezing temps won't be rising any time soon! Your pets may be divided [1] on the fluffy white stuff, but these pups and kitties are all about it. Click through for some adorable flaky frolicking!

This pup's got the right idea: keep moving and keep your paws from freezing!

Source: Flickr user timsackton [2]

Falling flakes are giving this curious kitty lots to pounce on.

Source: Flickr user !Serendipity [3]

Check out this guy charging through the drifts!

Source: Flickr user SashaW [4]

The freezing ground doesn't seem to faze this inquisitive kitty.

Source: Flickr user Cats in trees [5]

Me, eat snow? Why do you ask?

Source: Flickr user Bill Hails [6]

This long-haired kitty's working on her camouflage — just a few more hours, and she'll be undetectable!

Source: Flickr user Daisyree Bakker [7]

His paws may be freezing, but at least his cute coat is keeping him snuggly while he plays.

Source: Flickr user Digital Wallpapers [8]

Faster than a freezing bullet!

Source: Flickr user Rob Lee [9]

Someone was on the losing end of a snowball fight.

Source: Flickr user AJU_photography [10]

This furball can't contain her excitement at the falling flakes!

Source: Flickr user Tscherno [11]

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