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Beyond the Santa Claws Hat: 15 Dogs Go All Out

Dec 23 2010 - 9:30am

Plenty of dogs can put on a simple hat, but how many dive in with all four paws and take costumes to the next level dressing up as elves, reindeer or even full-fledged Santa Claus Claws suits? Check out 15 of my favorite photos just in time for Christmas.

Source: Flickr User stevegatto2 [1]

Warm Weather Santa

No heavy suit for this slender pooch!

Source: Flickr User ehud [2]

Elves at Rest

This hard worker needed a lil break.

Source: Flickr User mray [3]

Wave Hello

He may need some help gripping the reins.

Source: Flickr User _G2 [4]

Santa Pullover

Subtly festive is the best for this black pooch.

Source: Flickr User Kelly Finnamore [5]

What a Handful

This teeny tiny Santa needs a compact sleigh.

Source: Flickr User Rhys Alton [6]

It's Rudolph!

Some photoshop magic makes this pictures extra special.

Source: Flickr User aussiegall [7]

Prancer Prancing

Why not combine the two with a Santa-suited reindeer?!

Source: Flickr User ktylerconk [8]

The Real Deal

This dog looks like he's wearing real reindeer antlers!

Source: Flickr User greenkozi [9]

Pawfect Set Up

This furry Santa was checking out his present arrangement but then someone turned the lights out!

Source: Flickr User ヘザー heza [10]

Hot Dog!

Santa hat . . . turned into a scarf for this pooch.

Source: Flickr User Bree Bailey [11]

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's pal doesn't feel like suiting up this year.

Source: Flickr User Bree Bailey [12]

Is This the North Pole?

'Cause it surely looks snowy.

Source: Flickr User Tom Purves [13]

Santa Naps

A dog has gotta rest after all that work!

Source: Flickr User wsilver [14]

To the Side, Sidekick

This pup looks warm enough. Ho ho ho.

Source: Flickr User anneh632 [15]

Goodness Under the Tree

Being this cute is too exhausting. Happy holidays!

Source: Flickr User raquelrocksdotnet [16]

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