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Let Them Eat Cake! 10 Dogs Show Us How It's Done

Jun 21 2010 - 12:50pm

While North was treated to plenty of presents, PB bones, and even a party hat [1], my lil pooch didn't get a dog-safe cake for the big eight. So sad. But, after spotting so many cute pictures of doggies enjoying a sweet dessert, I'm full of ideas for next year.

Dogs Can't Read, Can They?

Bogart either recognizes his name . . . or smells that sweet treat inside.

Source: Flickr User Bogart Handsome Devil [2]

Good to the Very Last Lick

This Bull Terrier has a ways to go before he gets to the last bite.

Source: Flickr User adicarl0 [3]

Gotta Mouthful

Cake? Yup, this pup inhaled it!

Source: Flickr User Mindsay Mohan [4]

Nothing Tops the Topping

Sometimes it's the decoration that stands out for a shep who clearly wants to eat the bone off the top before checking out the actual cake inside.

Source: Flickr User Diveofficer [5]

Born With a Silver Fork

Extra frosting in the fur will be prevented by offering up a lil forkbite instead of a dish to dive in headfirst.

Source: Flickr User qmnonic [6]

Make a Wish or Six

This furry friend lends a helping mouth to blow out candles on a cake meant for the people in the household. Don't let her get too close!

Source: Flickr User Apium [7]

That Is NOT Peanut Butter

A picky Chihuahua doesn't seem sold on the frosting idea.

Source: Flickr User Sew Ripped [8]

Missed a Spot

Whereas this Airedale can't get enough!

Source: Flickr User Bogart Handsome Devil [9]

Sweet Treats For All

It's generous to share cakes with pals, human or not.

Source: Flickr User Bogart Handsome Devil [10]

Paw-ty Time

Of course, the best way to enjoy a cake is with a bunch of furry friends!

Source: Flickr User jimw [11]

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