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30 Lil Stinkers Stop and Smell the Flowers!

Mar 26 2012 - 4:00am

I don't know about you, but I've had about enough of chilly Winter weather! At least the arrival of March means we're on the home stretch and on our way to Spring. In the meantime, I've gathered up a bunch of cute pups stopping to smell the flowers. There are plenty of funny furry faces and reactions to the blossoms, so check out the budding superstars and start this slideshow.

Source: Flickr User GCSE Jack [1], kayak_b007 [2], Wonderlane [3], and Getty [4]

Blooms From Above

Rover reaches for a ranunculus.

Source: Flickr User kayak_b007 [5]

Puppy Love

This Boxer babe finds a special garden bloom.

Source: Flickr User B Rosen [6]

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

It's just me and the crocuses.

Source: Getty [7]

Lazy Daisy

That's one pretty daydreamin' dog.

Source: Flickr User GCSE Jack [8]

Walk the Line

Sometimes walking and sniffing is a balancing act.

Source: Flickr User OTSUKA Makoto [9]

Don't Eat the Scenery!

These flowers are for sniffing only!

Source: Flickr User barbtrek [10]

Violet Hues, Too

Not in bloom yet, these will soon look even prettier for a shaggy dog.

Source: Flickr User ktylerconk [11]

Flower or Snack?

This pup has decided that it's both.

Source: Flickr User crestedcrazy [12]

Orange You Going to Smell That?

Because I certainly will!

Source: Flickr User anneh632 [13]

Stop and Sniff

It's a regular walk-time break.

Source: Flickr User Finding Josephine [14]


One of the rare pups who's not into fragrant daffodils.

Source: Getty [15]


I see smell you.

Source: Flickr User redjar [16]

Gentle Giant

You're never too big to enjoy a beautiful bloom.

Source: Flickr User ilovememphis [17]

Not Too Shrubby

Good sniffer! He's found a flowering bush.

Source: Flickr User Wonderlane [18]

Bee Happy

A pooch and a bee enjoy the beautiful Spring weather together.

Source: Flickr User oparrish [19]

Not Just Smelly

Hold it right there — this isn't a taste test!

Source: Flickr User interllectual [20]

Pink is His Color

Holy hollyhocks! That sure smells nice.

Source: Flickr User Reenie-Just Reenie [21]

They're Not Peanut Butter Scented

A tan pup found herself in a sea of purple blossoms — they're so pretty together.

Source: Flickr User spaceamoeba [22]

While Traveling the Path of Life . . .

Remember to stop and smell, well, everything!

Source: Flickr User Anna Majkowska [23]

Can You See Me?

I think I blend in quite nicely, don't you?

Source: Flickr User Lulu Hoeller [24]

Sticks and Flowers

This pup couldn't care less about the flowers but loves the scent of the branch itself.

Source: Flickr User lecates [25]

Sipping Sweet Nectar

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Yorkie bee!

Source: Flickr User edeidin [26]

Smelling Through the Mouth?

The cactus may have a more appealing odor than the wildflowers here.

Source: Flickr User Alicia Nijdam [27]

Beagle and Bud

What a floppy-eared romantic!

Source: Flickr User garlandcannon [28]

Blow Fuzzies

Not content just smelling the flowers, this pooch wants to get huffy with the dandelions as well.

Source: Flickr User Kevin Burkett [29]

A Piece of Grass by Any Other Name

Wait a minute! There are tall fronds and wildflowers to sniff here.

Source: Flickr User Marianne Perdomo [30]


The Schnauzer can't get too, too close.

Source: Flickr User 【J】 [31]

One Dog, One Flower

One love!

Source: Flickr User billjacobus1 [32]

Bouquet Baroo

Those blooms look like Easter, so where is this Beagle's bonnet?!

Source: Flickr User ChampsMommy [33]

Total Investigation

After close inspection, it's a daffodil (and dog).

Source: Flickr User ktylerconk [34]

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