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Get Schooled by 10 Reading Dogs

Sep 10 2013 - 7:00am

We all know dogs are cute. But dogs reading are even cuter. Here's a collection of pups that have no problem hitting the books — and you might be surprised with what they are reaching for. From the morning paper to popular dramas, these dogs love a good read. Okay, dogs can't really pour over the paper, but that doesn't stop us from imagining what it would be like if they could. Click through for 10 adorable dogs and their favorite reading material of the moment.

So Serious

Don't get between me and my morning paper.

Source: Flickr user gareth1953 Got My Bus Pass [1]

Fan Favorite

I totally love this book! It's a must read.

Source: Instagram user _jesse_dog [2]

Reading Ahead

Just catching up on last week's lesson!

Source: Flicker user andreaarden [3]

I Gotta Know

Don't interrupt! I have to know what happens to the bunny!

Source: Instagram user haekyunglee [4]

Caught in the Act

So what? I really love fishing.

Source: Instagram user brettrat38 [5]

So Cozy

What else would you do on a rainy afternoon?

Source: Instagram user brenk21 [6]

Hard Choice

Hmmm, let me think — dogs or cats?

Source: Instagram user vanessaeffe [7]

So Educational

Nothing like a good read to motivate a little jumping through hoops.

Source: Instagram user happypethouse [8]

Cat Nap

I'll read the rest — after a quick snooze.

Source: Instagram user mjanehearts [9]

Chart Topper

I absolutely cannot put this book down.

Source: Instagram user mooneyalex12 [10]

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