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29 Supercool Dogs in Shades

Jun 27 2016 - 11:25am

It's time to break out the shades — for both you and your pup! There's nothing cuter than a hot dog in cool glasses, making this collection of the cutest glasses-wearing fur balls seriously cool. Get clicking for some supercool dogs in shades!

— Additional reporting by Hedy Phillips
Source: Flickr user the last minute [1]

Guarder of the Home

Only cool people allowed in here.

Source: Flickr user rolland [2]

So Cute

This pup's superfluffy — and cool.

Source: Instagram user meganmilgaten [3]

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

Photos are from noon to 1 p.m. only.

Source: Flickr user monkeehugs [4]


Just taking a drive on a hot Summer's day.

Source: Instagram user bfarley99 [5]

Totally Tinty

I can still see out of these!

Source: Flickr user MatHampson [6]

We're So Cool

Here's two cool pups chillin' in the sun.

Source: Instagram user cinderella886234 [7]

My Future's So Bright

I've gotta wear these shades.

Source: Instagram user highreine [8]

Puppy Paparazzi Break

OK, you have just one shot.

Source: Flickr user Amanda Benham [9]

I'm Ready For a Paw-dicure

It's a tough life being lil and fabulous.

Source: Flickr user Beauphoto [10]

Ready For Fun

I'm finally ready for that walk.

Source: Instagram user zimzimzimme [11]

Whatchu Lookin' At?

I'm a cool cat, err, dog.

Source: Instagram user federiocozacheo [12]

I've Got a Posse

We're all as cool as can be.

Source: Flickr user malias [13]

Dude . . .

I thought you said we were going to the park.

Source: Instagram user lockrchilds [14]

I'm With the Band

Actually, I am the band!

Source: Instagram user dominic828 [15]

Hot Dog

I've gotta cool off.

Source: Instagram user picklesperry247 [16]

Rose-Colored Glasses

The future looks bright!

Source: Flickr user TheGiantVermin [17]

Shady Shades

Do these make my face look fat?

Source: Instagram user samstownusa [18]

What's Up, Dude?

This good-looking pup can't be bad to the bone!

Source: Flickr user Daryl Cook [19]

Stationed Out

Yes, I wear sunglasses indoors.

Source: Flickr user eefeewafaw [20]

Concert Worthy

He's outdoors and ready to check out the show.

Source: Flickr user Sister72 [21]

I'm Not Looking at You

Can't I get some peace in here?

Source: Flickr user Marvin Kuo [22]

Topped Off

I'm ready to go snowboarding now.

Source: Flickr user ZION IS MY ISLAND [23]

The (Other) End

Hey, wait a minute — that's not my face.

Source: Flickr user Alexandratx [24]

Ready For My walk

So prepared.


Sunglasses work pretty much anywhere.

Match My Whip

These glasses go perfect with the Mercedes.

Patriotic Princess

This pup sure does love America!

How Do I Look?

Black on black is oh so chic.

You Can't Tell, But . . .

. . . I'm totally napping under here.

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