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25 Supercool Dogs in Shades

Aug 11 2014 - 2:31am

It's Summer and time to break out the shades — for both you and your pup! There's nothing cuter than a hot dog in cool glasses, making this collection of the cutest glasses-wearing fur balls seriously cool. Have a snap of your pup beating the heat while donning sunglasses? Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #POPSUGARPets, and we'll add it to this collection. Get clicking for some supercool dogs in shades!

Source: Flickr user the last minute [1]

Guarder of the Home

Only cool people allowed in here.

Source: Flickr user rolland [2]

So Cute

This pup's superfluffy —and cool.

Source: Instagram user meganmilgaten [3]

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

Photos are from noon to 1 p.m. only.

Source: Flickr user monkeehugs [4]


Just taking a drive on a hot Summer's day.

Source: Instagram user bfarley99 [5]

Totally Tinty

I can still see out of these!

Source: Flickr user MatHampson [6]

We're So Cool

Here's two cool pups chillin' in the sun.

Source: Instagram user cinderella886234 [7]

My Future's So Bright

I've gotta wear these shades.

Source: Instagram user highreine [8]

Puppy Paparazzi Break

OK, you have just one shot.

Source: Flickr user Amanda Benham [9]

I'm Ready For a Paw-dicure

It's a tough life being lil and fabulous.

Source: Flickr user Beauphoto [10]

Ready For Fun

I'm finally ready for that walk.

Source: Instagram user zimzimzimme [11]

Whatchu Lookin' At?

I'm a cool cat, err, dog.

Source: Instagram user federiocozacheo [12]

I've Got a Posse

We're all as cool as can be.

Source: Flickr user malias [13]

Dude . . .

I thought you said we were going to the park.

Source: Instagram user lockrchilds [14]

I'm With the Band

Actually, I am the band!

Source: Instagram user dominic828 [15]

Hot Dog

I've gotta cool off.

Source: Instagram user picklesperry247 [16]

Rose-Colored Glasses

The future looks bright!

Source: Flickr user TheGiantVermin [17]

Shady Shades

Do these make my face look fat?

Source: Instagram user samstownusa [18]

What's Up, Dude?

This good-looking pup can't be bad to the bone!

Source: Flickr user Daryl Cook [19]

Stationed Out

Yes, I wear sunglasses indoors.

Source: Flickr user eefeewafaw [20]

Concert Worthy

He's outdoors and ready to check out the show.

Source: Flickr user Sister72 [21]

I'm Not Looking at You

Can't I get some peace in here?

Source: Flickr user Marvin Kuo [22]

Topped Off

I'm ready to go snowboarding now.

Source: Flickr user ZION IS MY ISLAND [23]

The (Other) End

Hey, wait a minute — that's not my face.

Source: Flickr user Alexandratx [24]

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