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Weird and Wonderful Zoo Babies: Baby Tapir

May 26 2011 - 4:25am

From Colombia to Germany, zoos around the world have seen some pretty unusual new additions lately. So far, we've met the pygmy marmoset [1] born at the Santa Fe Zoo in Colombia, and Camillo the sloth [2] born in Germany. Now let's meet another new addition at the Santa Fe Zoo: a South American tapir baby. Read on to find out more about this little guy and others like him!

When tapirs are born, they have distinct markings, like this baby, to help camouflage them. As they grow up, the markings fade.

This little guy is only a few weeks old, and calls the Santa Fe Zoo in Colombia home, just like our pygmy marmoset friend.

Tapirs love water, and often use their snouts as snorkels to breathe while they swim.

Mama tapirs carry their babies for 13 months before giving birth. That's some pregnancy!

Tapirs are vegetarians, dining mostly on plants and fruit.

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