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From Dripping to Drenched, Why Are Wet Cats So Darn Cute?

Sep 3 2010 - 4:00am

Whether dipped under water or dripping of their own accord, there's something about wet kitties that makes me giggle
Too much water, too much watery fun. Check out 10 kitties in varying sodden states to dunk your day in smiles!

Slicky Kitty

Let's call him Slick (and, no, he will not look at the camera).

Source: Flickr User adicarl0

Water On Tap

Drinking straight from the faucet is way better than a dish.

Source: Flickr User carianoff [1]

Spiky Mohawk

Out of the sink but not in the clear, the cat's cornered.

Source: Flickr User Zeusandhera [2]

This Is No Condition(er) For a Cat

Let me outta here!

Source: Flickr User spakattacks [3]

Keep Ya Head Up

Sudsy time, yay?

Source: Flickr User abbamouse [4]

Licking Paw

Ick. Darn, they missed a shampoo spot.

Source: Flickr User altemark [5]

Towel Service

Where do I go now? Have you seen the drying part of this car cat wash?

Source: Flickr User SMN [6]

Brrrr, Ice Cold

But I'll scratch any blow-dryer you bring near me!

Source: Flickr User scjody [7]

Testing For (No) Water

Are you sure there's no more water in here?

Source: Flickr User hipsxxhearts [8]

Soaking Wet

Don't just look at me, fetch me a towel!

Source: Flickr User fivedollarones [9]

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