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Shelter Spotlight: Yorkshire Terriers Looking For Love

Jan 7 2011 - 6:00am

Like Natalie Portman [1], if you thinking about adopting a Yorkshire Terrier [2], you've probably been checking your local shelters and rescue groups. There are thousands of dogs in need of owners, so we're highlighting five precious pups around the country who are looking for love — and a warm body to snuggle with. Click through to read about these adoptable pets or start your own search now [3]!


Tucker's a 5 lb., 5-year-old pup currently living with a foster home in Palm City, FL. He's a cuddler but would prefer to be an only child as he loves to be the center of attention. To learn more about Tucker or watch him in action [4], check out his online profile [5]!


Isabella's a 10-month-old young female living in League City, TX. She's recuperating from knee surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. She's a sweet and energetic gal that's looking for a home with no other females; however, she would love to have a brother someday. To learn more about Isabella, check out her online profile [6]!


Trotter's a 4-year-old male that was rescued from a puppy mill. He's living with a loving foster family in Toledo, OH, but is excited about relocating to a nice quiet place where he can curl up and nap. Trotter's learning to show affection slowly, though he's still a little timid. If you want to find out more about Trotter or other dogs like him, check out his online profile [7]!


Waffle's a young male currently enjoying a lovely stay in Stamford, CT. The little guy is looking for a place to roam free and a best friend to snuggle with. Check out his online profile [8] for more information.


Austin's a 4-year-old male residing in Davis, CA. From the look on his happy little face you can tell he's a sweetie. He loves to be around people, though he hasn't had much experience with other dogs. He's house trained and up to date on shots. To find out more about Austin check out his online profile [9]!

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