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Ruff and Tumble: The Best Pictures From Puppy Bowl IX

Feb 3 2013 - 6:05pm

Animal Planet has done it again. This year's Puppy Bowl was filled with serious action-packed adorableness. The hedgehog cheerleaders [1] just about stole the show from all the cute pups tackling, rolling, and playing. Even referee Dan Schachner had a hard time keeping his hands off the sweet dogs! And who could resist the over-the-top kitty halftime show? Click through for a recap of the game showcasing pictures of all the adorable dogs of Puppy Bowl IX. And don't forget to head over to Animal Planet [2] for more information about adopting any of these cute pups!

Source: Animal Planet [3]

Hedgehog Cheers

Check out the cuteness of those hedgehog cheerleaders.

Source: Animal Planet [4]

Crowd Control

The kittens showcased their abilities to wow the crowd.

Source: Animal Planet [5]

Go, Team, Go!

This little hedgie was determined to cheer for her favorite player.

Source: Animal Planet [6]

Let's Play!

Cash, a serious contender!

Source: Animal Planet [7]

Good Defense

Don't even think about trying to take away this dog toy from Sally.

Source: Animal Planet [8]


It looks like Pearl got a much-needed pep talk.

Source: Animal Planet [9]

Attempted Interception

Sure, there were a few ruff-and-tumble moments, but these pups know how to play a clean game.

Source: Animal Planet [10]

Get the Ball!

Marta leads the pack for a big play.

Source: Animal Planet [11]

Strong Players

Bessie waited for a good toss.

Source: Animal Planet [12]

Cute Kitty

The spotlight was on the cats during the halftime show.

Source: Animal Planet [13]

Halftime Purrfection

The show was filled with a blinking light show and some pretty amazing dance moves, thanks to some agile cats.

Source: Animal Planet [14]

Time Out

Looks like Pearl's took a time out.

Source: Animal Planet [15]

Strong Player

Lenny knew how to pay attention during Puppy Bowl IX!

Source: Animal Planet [16]

Good Call

The ref needed to give this little guy a quick pep talk.

Source: Animal Planet [17]

Nice Play

Watch out! Jenny went in for the grab.

Source: Animal Planet [18]

Take Down!

Ref Dan Schachner got into a puppy scuffle.

Source: Animal Planet [19]

Good Game

Chestnut was all tuckered out after playing a good game.

Source: Animal Planet [20]

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