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To the Rescue: Pets' Travel Prep

To the Rescue: Pets' Travel Prep

Getting pets trip-ready should start long before you leave home! First up, let your pet become accustomed to his carrier. If he's already a frequent flier, or will be using the same crate from home, your pal should be used to the sights, sounds, and smells of this case. For noncrate-trained animals, those traveling in a different or rarely-used carrier (only for the vet), it's important to give your pet a chance to prep. To get started, read more.

  • Get your pet set by placing the carrier out about a week before you are leaving.
  • Place some food (or his dish) inside the carrier so your animal ventures inside. Leave the door open but praise your pet warmly for entering.
  • Show your pet a favorite toy, and then walk and place it inside the carrier so he goes in to get it. Repeat that praise!
  • If you're traveling by car, take test runs — short trips around town — in the carrier to get him used to it. This can help determine if he suffers from motion sickness so you can get a prescription for antinausea medications from your vet.
  • Consider adding natural, soothing aromatherapy sprays or pheromone products to help relax your pets like those seen in the widget below.

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