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The Results Are in: Mom of the Year

Dec 18 2007 - 9:00am

Next up in the Best of 2007 [1] coverage, we took tally of our fave pet parent [2] around. These celebrities are often shown demonstrating responsible pet care and known for being animal lovers, too! Of the choices provided, the winner of the PetSugar readers' choice for mom of the year is . . .

Rachel Bilson! I'll have to admit, not only is she a favorite of mine style-wise [3], lil' Thurman Murman is painfully cute. He's not pocket-sized, yet she often carries him – the pup must weigh at least 20 pounds so perhaps it doubles as a mini workout?! Rachel and this mop of shaggy, cuddly fun brought in 37% of the votes at posting time – congratulations R-Bils and Thurman Murman, too!

Bauer-Griffin [4]

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