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Say "Hi" to 10 Hungry, Hungry Hamsters

Feb 2 2010 - 12:25pm

Our dear pals over at Urlesque have turned today's Groundhog Day [1] into an all-rodent, all-day deal! Since I'm loving their Rodent Dessert Roundup [2] (that means rodent-themed treats for you not including actual rodent parts, of course), I decided to collect some of the cutest shots I've seen of snacking hamsters. Click through if you can handle the cuteness!

Source: Flickr User MarinaAvila [3]

Get a Grip

This hammie has to hold on tight to dig his teeth in.

Source: Flickr User MarinaAvila [4]

Slow and Steady Strawberry-Style

Good job! Just a bit o' berry left now.

Source: Flickr User Steve & Jemma Copley [5]

Picky Choosey

There's easier access when he climbs right in the snack bowl.

Source: Flickr User Steve & Jemma Copley [6]

Grape Jaws

I think there's more than one bite there . . .

Source: Flickr User MarinaAvila [7]

Kiss, Kiss

Be careful — fingers are tasty, too.

Source: Flickr User Yukari* [8]

Where's the Caesar?

Toss the salad then eat it!

Source: Flickr User cliff1066™ [9]

Broccoli Bites

No cheese sauce for this lil guy.

Source: Flickr User cdrussorusso [10]

Crunch Munch

I think a carrot's taller than the hamster himself.

Source: Flickr User MarinaAvila [11]

Cabbage Chomper

This hammie grabs tiny bits of purple veggies at a time.

Source: Flickr User Steve & Jemma Copley [12]

Scrape It Out

Uh oh, food is packed in so tight!

Source: Flickr User annia316 [13]

Won Ton Hamster

Teehee, this picture's a bonus —don't eat the hamster, human!

Source: Flickr User House of Sims [14]

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