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I Need Your Help: How Do I Tell My Vet I Want to Buy Meds Online?

It's important to bring pets to the doctor if they seem sick but what happens when it comes time to pay? Savvy consumers likely do some cost comparison and, while it's not a good idea to scrimp on a quality vet, what about two drastically different prices for the same medications? The following question was recently posed to me:

My kitty has had this persistent cough and I've taken her to the vet twice just this month, which is fine — I'll pay whatever fees to get her better. But here's the thing. My vet charged me 30 bucks for 15ml of Clavamox drops, and 22 dollars for 62.5mg pills when I came back the second time. On 1-800-petmeds, both medications are at least ten dollars cheaper!

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I would have gone ahead and paid his rates anyway (I mean he's a very nice man and vets have to eat, too). But, at the same time, I'm just a college student and have to save however I can. So, on my next visit, I really just want to ask for a prescription and get her meds online instead, but I'm not quite sure how to approach the subject . . . I'm afraid I might offend him somehow? Should I just whisper to his receptionist? What is the etiquette for this?

Can any of you help this PetSugar reader figure out how to broach this tough subject with the doctor's office? Please offer your great tips and suggestions in the comments below.

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Pup-Fan Pup-Fan 5 years
I was wondering about this as well. I have never gotten my meds anywhere but the vet (though I do buy Front Line at Costco now), and was wondering if I could find a cheaper alternative. I'm glad to see a post on it!
jaycee2 jaycee2 5 years
Vets are more used to this than you think. Breeders do their own medicating most of the time. it's not unusual for a breeder to tell the vet they have this or that med at home and how much should they give the sick pet. Just ask like you know what you're about. Confidence is key. Just tell them you'd like the script to order from 800-meds. You will not be the first person to do that at all.
shepptacular shepptacular 5 years
You could always say that you bought some supplies of clavamox due to the persistency of the cough so you don't need to buy it from them. They shouldn't be offended whatsoever considering they are already charging you for the consultation. Don't be shy about it (I'm a shy person as well...but I'm also a student) so it makes sense to purchase online instead. Clavamox is such a common medicine prescribed for animals so it's not as if you're undermining the vet.
druiaen druiaen 5 years
Instead of telling the vet or staff you want to buy online ask if they can match online prices, my vet's office offered when I mentioned how pricey my dogs' meds were. They'd likely rather you buy from them directly so they might drop the prices for you. It's worth a shot!
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