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Little-Known Facts About Siamese Cats

Jul 8 2015 - 11:20am

Along with being wonderfully regal, Siamese cats are smart, playful, and very loyal pets. The breed has many unique characteristics and body types, making it one of the most recognizable cats in the world. From Appleheads to Seal Point Siamese cats, the breed has exotic colorings and energetic personalities. This pretty kitty has amazing conversational abilities and loves being part of the lives of the companions around them. Read on for a collection of sleek kitties and fun facts about this cool cat.

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The Siamese is one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats and has a long and vibrant history. Originally from Thailand (formally Siam), the blue-eyed kitties were treasured members of the royal family, and images of the regal cat have been found in ancient manuscripts dating as far back at 1350. The breed was exhibited in 1871 at London's Crystal Palace, creating an interest in the cat and a raise in their popularity.

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Siamese kittens are born white with markings developing around four weeks of age. A heat-sensitive gene causes the coloring to develop on the cooler parts of the body, which is the result of a partial albinism gene. And Siamese cats darken as they age, showing a difference in coloring as the cat grows through adulthood.

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Known for their vocal abilities, Siamese cats make a variety of noises to communicate their desires and needs to human companions. Although not considered to be a highly affectionate breed, Siamese cats are very intelligent and can be taught to fetch and to understand simple commands.

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Known for having vivid blue eyes and a creamy coat, Siamese cats have darker marks around the body, which are known as points. Seal point Siamese cats have very dark brown marks, chocolate points have lighter markings, blue points have grayish marks, and lilac points have almost frosty white points. But Siamese cats can also have red- to caramel-colored markings.

Source: Flickr user baking_in_pearls [5]

Along with different coat colors, Siamese cats have varying body types. A Traditional Siamese cat, also referred to as an Applehead, has a round apple-shaped head and is the largest of Siamese cats. Classic Siamese cats are slightly smaller in size and have a triangular face. The Modern, or Wedgehead, is a genetically engineered blend of a Traditional and Classic Siamese. Characteristics include large pointed ears, long noses, and slender bodies.

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Siamese cats can become extremely attached to their human counterparts, causing them not to be the best pet for people who work long hours. Or, pick up a buddy for your kitty; she'll love chasing her cat pal around while you're away at work.

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Siamese cats have one of the longest life expectancies of domestic breeds, with indoor Siamese cats living up to 20 years. Purebred Siamese cats are apt to have problems with gingivitis, so paying attention to dental hygiene is a must for owners. Brush your cat's teeth weekly, and visit a vet if she seems to have mouth irritation.

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Siamese cats have short, silky hair that requires little to no maintenance, which wonderfully results in hardly any shedding. No need to brush this cute kitty!

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