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It's World Cat Day! Cuddle Up With These Sleepy Kitties

Aug 6 2014 - 10:00am

Covered in fluff and darn cute, these kitties are so adorable they can't stay awake. Considering that looking at cats encourages productivity [1], there's nothing wrong with taking a break to check out this collection of sleeping cats. From ones dozing in unique places to others that have transformed into balls of fur, these felines have mastered the art of taking naps.

Source: Flickr user Ella Mullins [2]


These two kitties are just too much.

Source: Instagram user couplecatz [3]

Cuddle Buddies

We totally get it. Being cute is hard work.

Source: Flickr user Cazweigun2011 [4]

Out Cold

Here's a cat that's a super napper.

Source: Instagram user ainhamzah [5]

Car Cats

These two sweeties are keeping the car warm for you.

Source: Instagram user esenmunch [6]

Nice Spot

There's nothing wrong with curling up in a pan.

Source: Flickr user dominiqs [7]


Even a corner is comfy for this kitty.

Source: Instagram user eric_long [8]

Lounge Time

These kitties know how to hit the floor.

Source: Flickr user Bruno_Caimi [9]

Nap Time

Don't these two look cozy!

Source: Instagram user hannahkitti [10]

Fur Ball

This cat is totally content while enjoying the afternoon sun.

Source: Flickr user Felinest [11]


Here's a duo that's enjoying a good snuggle.

Source: Instagram user maggiedarlingxo [12]

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