In the Spotlight: Mickey Rourke Has a New Traveling Buddy!

Since the passing of Loki last week, Mickey's remembered his beloved Chihuahua with a special charm necklace. We've heard him talk about how much he loves his many animals and now we're seeing another pal come out to play.

Meet Jaws, his latest partner in crime – they're on the road again! This white Chihuahua got his name because, when Mickey rescued the pup and went in for a kiss, the dog gave him two stitches in the face. He took him anyway saying, "You gotta give 'em hope."

Aww, I'm glad to see Mickey bringing one of his other favorites along for the ride and wish we could catch more glimpses of all of them. Sadly, most airlines have a one-pet-per-passenger rule for in-cabin travel but I'm betting and hoping we'll see much more of this Chihuahua. Catch Jaws (in that celeb-approved Sherpa) when you read more.

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