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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Your Furry Friend

Mar 15 2014 - 7:00am

Don't let your pets get pinched! Offer up some St. Patrick's Day spirit with adorable hats and tasty green treats that will have your best buddy feeling like he's found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. No matter if you're heading to your local St. Paddy's Day parade or celebrating at home, there's more than enough luck o' the Irish to go around in this collection of festive goodies.

Green All Over

Here's a pup that's green all over about St. Patrick's Day. Use nontoxic green dye [1] ($17) to get this fresh look.

Source: Instagram user marleywelsh [2]

Lucky Charms

This adorable green felted lucky charm catnip toy [3] ($7) is perfect for tossing to your kitty on St. Patrick's Day.

Supercute Beanie

This handmade shamrock beanie [4] ($12) is just about the cutest way to show some Irish pride.

Where's the Party?

Here is a dog who knows how to dress for a good time.

Source: Instagram user bestdresseddogbuckeye [5]

Party Time

There is nothing cuter than a cat in a top hat with a touch of sparkling green. Your kitty can wear this handmade top hat [6] ($21) while out celebrating this St. Patrick's Day.

Rock the Shamrock

This green shamrock headband [7] ($10) for dogs or cats is so sweet.

Holiday Shades

Here's a pup that's ready to hit the parade.

Source: Instagram user kr1st1na [8]

All Dressed Up

This pup knows how to rock a green bow tie.

Source: Instagram user yokastro [9]

Cat in a Green Hat

Yeah, that's right. This cat is Irish and proud of it. And your kitty can get in on the action while wearing her own handmade leprechaun top hat [10] ($18) too.

I'm All Smiles

Not only is this pup showing his St. Patrick's Day pride by wearing green, but he's also got a big smile full of green tennis balls.

Source: Instagram user deaf_initely_art [11]

St. Patrick's Day Beret

All your dog needs is this adorable green beret [12] ($9) to show his St. Paddy's Day pride.

Where's the Pot of Gold?

Here's a handmade dog hat [13] ($12) that's sure to get everyone's attention while out on St. Paddy's Day.

Shamrock Treats

Your pooch will think he's found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow while enjoying these green shamrock gourmet dog treats [14] ($6).

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