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8 Supercute Stocking Stuffers For Cats

Dec 18 2013 - 7:00am

Time to treat the felines on your Christmas list. No matter if she's been naughty or nice, these cute stocking stuffers are such a treat — for the both of you! Along with being fun for your kitty, they're all wonderfully budget-friendly. Check out our favorite eight.

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Catnip Candy Canes

Candy's not OK for pets, but these mock candy canes [2] ($7, originally $8) — filled with catnip — are pet-safe and kitty-approved.

Jingle, Jingle Bells

Many feline owners choose collar bells all the time, and these personalized cat bells [3] ($15) are a great holiday gift.

Topped Off Santa Style

Willing kitties, boys or girls, can turn into ol' Saint Nick with a Santa hat [4] ($3, originally $7) for a fun photo opportunity.

Mouseltoe Time

Jelly beans get a kitty-friendly update with these catnip-filled jelly beans [5] ($5).

Fit to Be Tied

So fancy. This plaid cat bow tie [6] ($14) can work year-round, but the reds and greens make it especially fitting for this season.

Ho-Ho Hairball

Many kitties go nuts for these regular faux-fur toys, packed with catnip, but the Santa hat makes it into a Ho-Ho Hairball Cat Toy [7] ($11) instead.

Festive Fun Kitty Toys

Your kitty will love these handmade felted toy balls [8] ($5) that are meant for kitties that love to pounce and play . . . and red and green is perfect for Christmas Day.

Holiday Collars

These Holiday Cheer Cat Collars [9] ($11) are seasonal but still subtle enough to wear all Winter.

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