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All Sweatered Out: 5 Pup Types That Need One

Jan 3 2011 - 7:15am

Oh, the weather outside is frightful . . . and is your pup hesitant to enjoy it? Find out which types of dogs could benefit from a sweater in cold and snowy weather when starting this slideshow!

Source: Flickr User TheGiantVermin [1]

Hairless Dogs

Hairless dogs and pups with short (or no) hair on the belly area are especially at risk for chill.

Source: Flickr User johnynek [2]

Young Dogs

Young pups are not always used to cold temperatures and some breeds actually have shorter hair when they're little before their thicker hair coat grows in.

Source: Flickr User theilr [3]

Old Dogs

Older pups who enjoyed this season as pups may now benefit from a coat for maximum comfort.

Source: Flickr User kojotomoto [4]

Small Dogs

Small dogs are more sensitive to the cold!

Source: Flickr User Nutloaf [5]

Hesitant Dogs

Lastly, any dog that hesitates to go outside, tries to run inside, refuses to walk or shivers needs a coat! If you witness this behavior, please do him a favor and suit him up for potty breaks and make sure he has a cozy spot indoors to get warm again afterwards.

Source: Flickr User Tobyotter [6]

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