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Sweet Boston Terrier Story

Community Heroes: "Tyler No-Eyeler"

The minute I spotted this heartwarming story by LiseVintgLightg in the Pet of the Day group, I knew I had to share it with all of you:

Tyler is our much-loved, 11-year-old rescued Boston Terrier. Badly neglected by a breeder because of eye probs and because he was not  up to breed standards, he was kept in a dark garage while it was "decided" what to do with him.  He was rescued by the breeder's vet and turned over to Boston Terrier Rescue, from whom we adopted him. Boston Rescue renamed him Tyler, as the breeder had referred to him only by his eye condition. . .

We adopted Tyler when he was eight months old — frightened of men, terrified of the dark and completely untrained.  Quick to learn, Tyler adapted beautifully to our active family and grew into a ball-obsessed, pool-obsessed, happy fellow! Tyler's eye probs continued, however;  he almost died when he lost his first eye to a staph infection at about seven years old. Our struggle to save his remaining eye was making him even more sick and miserable than the sick eye itself, but putting him down just because he would be blind (contrary to vet advice) was not an option. We chose to remove his remaining eye was when he was nine years old.

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Though we are sad that Tyler had to give up the pool and unsupervised, backyard play, he has remained happy and active in every other way, even as he has reached "senior" status and acquired age-related issues. Tyler's senses of hearing and smell are so strong that he is still a very active dog.  He is still ball obsessed and plays with them daily, "tracking" them by sound and smell and amazing all who watch!  When Tyler plays tug-of-war, he usually wins. As the years progressed, he was joined by an adopted poodle, who has been his buddy for many years. Rosie looks out for Tyler and though he knows the way, we often see her "herding" him as they head outdoors together. Lola, a rescued Boston Terrier-puppy mill-mama, has most recenlty joined Tyler and Rosie, having been abandoned by the puppy mill that had gotten all the puppies they could from her.

Now 11 years-old, Tyler has slowed with age and likes to stay close by my side. My teen daughter and her friends love Tyler and fondly refer to him as Tyler No-Eyeler, which has stuck! As I have begun my vintage lamp business, Tyler has become my constant "shop buddy." Still quite happy, he snores away loudly and contentedly even as I write this post.  My famy's decision to allow Tyler to try life without eyeshas been a good one for Tyler as well as for us!

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