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5 Doggie Routines For Winter

Nov 15 2011 - 3:06am

It's time to switch up the routine for Winter! Find five simple steps you should take to keep your doggies safe and happy when the temperatures drop when you start this slideshow.

Source: Flickr User mysza831 [1]

Snip and Clip

Long nails do nothing for your dog's traction on ice (think stilettos) and it's essential to keep them nice and neat for snowy time. After that, trim the hair between the paw pads — when trying to step safely on ice, his toes splay for maximum surface area . . . and excess snow can pack up in between and attach to that loose fur, too.

Source: Flickr User raybdbomb [2]

Swap Out the Metal For the Plastic

If your pooch has access to water outside or in a garage, it makes sense to pick up a heavy plastic bowl instead of a metal version that makes the water freeze faster.

Source: Flickr User John Steven Fernandez [3]

More Protein

Even though there's less exercise now (usually), dogs need more protein in Winter months. Check the label to make sure this food is packed with the good stuff to keep him active and less of the fatty fillers to make him, well, fatty.

Source: Flickr User butlerphotography [4]

Moisturize and Smooth

With drier air hanging around, it's essential to keep his paws well moisturized with a paw balm [5] that's meant for pets! After rinsing off dirt or salt, this can help retain moisture to reduce cracking or breaking in the future.

Source: Flickr User abbynormy [6]

Don't Hit Up the Salon

Save the actual haircut for Spring — shorter hair makes pets cooler in Summer but in Winter, too. Let the hair grow longer this season to keep him warm until the sun comes back out.

Source: Flickr User Tobyotter [7]

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