Tote a Dog With a Hog?

Just when I thought I had heard of everything, I located pet trailers. I'm thinking of driving up to Napa this long weekend, but somehow still can't imagine dragging North along literally . . . with his own hitch. The Wags trailers are completely custom built according to your pup's needs and desires from carpet choices to sliding windows and solar vents. Although I see no reason why these products couldn't be attached to a car, they seem to be geared more towards motorcyclists. I'm not exactly a Harley type of girl (the chopper's noise bothers me), and I can't imagine my doggie would want to ride so close to it either. Even ignoring its $4,000 price tag, I wouldn't dream of having my pet outside the car, but am I just too attached to my little guy? Would your pup enjoy the view from back there?



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