Try This Supermarket Soap Substitute For Pricey Pet Shampoos

For one small dog, North certainly has a cabinet full of beauty products to slosh up an entire kennel's worth of pups. Granted I've got my favorite shampoos (and conditioner) to keep my pooch so fresh and so clean, clean in smell and appearance but a recent post on Dolittler got me thinking.

The vet was waxing poetic about the power of Dawn dishwashing detergent for oily pet problems like accidental dips in motor oil or skunk spray. Makes sense now that I think about it since that's definitely what zoos and rescue organizations use on wild birds after oil spills. I know what I'll grab if my pooch has an unfortunate run-in with something sticky — Fingers crossed that I won't need to use it, but tell me, have you ever tried this for yourself?

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Source: Flickr User aprilzosia