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Unlikely Pet Friendships You Gotta See

Aug 13 2014 - 6:24am

You might not think a cat and a bird would ever enjoy a cuddle together, which makes these unusual pet pairings that we discovered on Instagram and Flickr so special. When animals share a home, they learn to trust each other, creating some pretty unique odd couples. Click through for an amazing collection of mismatched pets that truly love one another.

— Additional reporting by Euna Park

Source: Instagram user tazzydw2 [1]

Hop On!

Here's a hedgehog hitching a ride from his best turtle friend. Hold on tight!

Source: Instagram user gemmathehedgehog [2]

Snuggle Buddies

Here are two unlikely pet friends keeping each other warm during their nap.

Source: Instagram user adventurousmolly [3]

Snooze Time

There's nothing like catching a cat nap in your favorite chair, especially with your favorite doggy friend.

Source: Flickr user miz fiat [4]

Keeping Watch

Here's a bunny keeping an eye out while his kitten friend falls asleep.

Source: Instagram user jessicastover11 [5]

Lunch Date

Here's a cat and bird that love enjoying meals together.

Source: Flickr user Deejay Wei [6]

Hen and the Tortoise

Unlike the popular fable of the Hen and the Tortoise, this bunny is giving kisses to the turtle friend.

Source: Instagram user mich051 [7]

Kiss, Kiss

OK, how cute are these two furry friends? And they sure seem to enjoy cozying up with each other.

Source: Flickr user Yukari* [8]

Tiny Friend

Here's an Australian shepherd and his hamster friend soaking up the sun by the window.

Source: Instagram user tazzydw2 [9]

Sweet Bird

You might not think cats and birds would ever get along, but here's a couple that love spending time together.

Source: Instagram user brbkevin [10]

Sharing a Blanket

Here's a pet pig and his kitty friend sharing a blanket and drifting off into dreamland.

Source: Instagram user abbzgrl [11]

Who's Ready For a Cuddle?

Yeah, that's right: here's a guinea pig and happy tabby that enjoy a little cuddle every once in awhile.

Source: Flickr user Kelly Kneff [12]

I Got You!

Here's a black labrador comforting her rescued cat friend.

Source: Instagram user happy_labrador [13]

Hey, Birdie!

This happy couple enjoys hanging out together.

Source: Flickr user ferran pestaña [14]

Secrets Make Friends

"Psst! I have to tell you a secret!"

Source: Instagram user mozzarellathehamster [15]

Let's Get Cozy

This little kitty loves her big furry friend.

Source: Instagram user r_om ar10 [16]

Hide and Seek

Here's a shingleback lizard playing hide and seek with a pug. Where'd he go?

Source: Instagram user maddiebridgland [17]

Ferret Love

This extremely unlikely duo of a ferret and cat really enjoy some serious cuddle time together.

Source: Instagram user slikkills [18]


This Australian shepherd and his bunny friend are inseparable. They even have the same color fur!

Source: Instagram user happy_aussie [19]

Best Buds

Here's a duo that enjoy some quality time together — you know, chillin'.

Source: Instagram user jesser3 [20]

Hog Heaven!

This pet pig is in hog heaven about her best friend.

Source: Instagram user scprojectpat [21]

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