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10 Lovely Treats For Pets

Feb 12 2011 - 3:00am

Have a heart for your furry friend this V-Day and give him or her a sweet treat, heart-adorned 'fit or fun accessory. I've rounded up some whimsical Valentine's Day-inspired goods from Etsy for your pooch or kitty, so check out the slideshow to show your pet some love!

Peanut Butter Mini Cakes

These organic gourmet dog treats [1] ($4) are as cute as they are appetizing for pups this V-Day.

Valentine's Day Greeting Collar

Before taking a stroll this Feb. 14, fasten a festive Valentine's Day collar [2] ($16) on your pooch.

Heartbreaker Pet Tie

Your kitty will be ready to get down to the business of love in this heart and stripes tie [3] ($9).

Hugs and Kisses Groomer Bows

So cute! Little bows [4] ($4) dress up girly pets for the pink and red holiday.

Box o' Hearts Gourmet Dog Treats

Pups may not be able to indulge in a real box o' chocolates this V-Day, but they will be head over paws for these heart-shaped dog treats [5] ($18).

Happy Valentine's Day Fleece Dog Coat

A soft fleece sweater [6] ($19) will warm your furry friend's heart and body.

Hugs and Kisses Pet Hat

Your pooch can crack up passersby if you pop this goofy headband [7] ($9) on him while taking a Valentine's Day walk.

Roses and Hearts Tattoo Print Dog Hoodie

Don't mistake this lil guy for being a softy . . . he's lookin' ruff and tough in his tattoo print hoodie [8] ($24).

Jack's Valentine Catnip Wool Cat Toy

These V-Day catnip balls [9] ($8) are pretty enough to be on display!

Pet Bandanna, Hello Kitty Hearts

For the doggie who doesn't like to mess around with sweaters and hats, a printed bandanna [10] ($6) is just the ticket!

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