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Video of Cute Puppy Eating Spaghetti

Nibbles Noms Noodles

Nom, nom, nom. His name might be Nibbles, but we think that may be a misnomer, given the gusto with which this pup slurps his noodles. It brings to mind a certain romantic Disney duo and a delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs, but Nibbles (or Nom-bles, as we think he should be called) may just outshine his cartoon predecessors!

While we give the cuteness factor a perfect 10, pups who'd like their own pasta dinners should note that some of the ingredients in tomato sauce (onions, tomatoes, oils, etc.) can upset a poochy tummy, so it's best to stick to plain, cooked noodles (and perhaps an ear scratch to make up for the lack of condiments).

To see the original spaghetti slurpers, keep reading.

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