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What Happened on PetSugar This Week (10/25-10/30)?

Boo! Have you been paying attention to what's happened on PetSugar this week? I sure hope so — check yourself and see!

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Do dogs and people have the same number of neck vertebrae?
Yes, they both have seven.
No, cats have six and humans have seven.
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This rabbit is native to:
Colombia and Brazil
Gulf Coast region of the US
Pacific Northwest region of the US
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What did this pooch get named?
Brody James
Caleb Winston
Napoleon Dynamite
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Where was this costume spotted?
Times Square, NYC
Tompkins Square, NYC
Union Square, NYC
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Which of the following was not one of my suggestions for places to adopt a purebred?
Through a breed rescue
At a Humane Society
In a pet store
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Pet snack or people snack?
Pet snack
People snack
Guess Whose Spooky Snack?
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Guess Whose Spooky Snack?

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