It's time again for my weekly recap quiz! Have you been paying attention to the important info? Hopefully you haven't been getting distracted by all the cute and cuddly animals within these pages. Ready to test your knowledge? Get set, go!

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Who was out walking her dogs this week?
LeAnn Rimes
Hayden Panettiere
Anna Paquin
Sarah Michelle Gellar
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According to my airline cheat sheet, how much does American Airlines charge for you to bring your pet on board an airplane with you?
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What kind of object did this dog ingest that required surgery to remove it?
Action figure
Dryer sheets
Golf balls
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Which famous polar bear got a mate this week?
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You can gently blow onto your dog's nose to help _____________.
Swallow a pill
Stop a reverse sneezing attack
Wake him up
Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of August 2, 2009
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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of August 2, 2009