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What's Your Take on Greenies?

While many pups go crazy at the sight of these green treats, others have never even gotten a minty whiff — but why is it that the toothbrush-shaped Greenies have so many critics? The dental snack has chewy curves to fit around a pup's chompers to significantly control plaque and tartar build-up. . . . yet many pets then have trouble digesting them, opting to bite off hard bits and just swallow them whole. In addition to complaints of runny poo, the treats have come under fire in the past, with stories of veterinarians having to perform surgeries to remove undigested chunks of Greenies from the esophagus and other parts of the digestive tract. I still have pet-owning pals who own up to feeding their pets these popular treats, while others now shy away. How about you?

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chameleon7 chameleon7 8 years
They are actually bad for dogs, they are finding grownth inside dogs that eat them.
dannafason dannafason 8 years
I had a beautiful and loving Chihuahua - he was my best friend, hero and protector we were crazy about each other and went everywhere together everything I did I did with him in mind. We went through the loss of my husband his daddy and remained well - until one night he was excited and started chewing on his greenie I was in bed and heard him coughing and ran to his aid - but he stopped coughing and seemed okay - then he began to loose weight and not being able to keep his food down - he had always been emotional and we thought his behavior was from the death of my husband, then we had to move three times - so I thought once I got setteled he would be okay - but instead my baby kept loosing weight - finally we all knew it could not be the emotional stress but by then my baby only weighed seven pounds - usually he weighed l0 pounds - they wanted to do exploratory surgery but I knew he could not handle the surgery and as sick as he was I just could not put him through that I lost him last Tuesday and I suspect it was from that night he chewed on the greenie - I have no evidence but please be careful we all love our animals so much we don't want to give them anything that others have lost their dogs from. He was everything to me and now we are separated.
emalove emalove 9 years
I've given my kitties the Greenies cat treats in the past and they didn't like them at all.
laurensnow laurensnow 9 years
BAD BAD BAD. My Pug almost died because of them. They are *supposed* to break down in the digestive system but they don't break down properly. They made him sick, he was throwing up large pieces, the vet said he could have gotten bound up and needed surgery, he could have died if I hadn't brought him in.
specialksgurl specialksgurl 9 years
They can also stain your carpet. No greenies in our house!
starlawill starlawill 9 years
as ehadams said, you really have to be sure you're giving your dog the correct size. the one story i had read about these a couple of years ago stated that the owners were giving the dogs a size larger than they should have been using. i was surprised that my pug is actually supposed to have the teenie. at the beginning i was giving her the one size up. so yes, please be sure you are giving the correct size
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
Our Daisy like to take her treats under the bed to eat them, and I'm too scared she would choke on them. I've thought about buying them, but she doesn't really have breath/teeth problems, so I never did.
Jennifer777 Jennifer777 9 years
I have a friend whose dog had to have abdominal surgery to remove greenies from his digestive track...I will never give mine greenies because i don't want to take a chance that it would happen to one of them...
tawvry tawvry 9 years
I unfortunately have to brush io's teeth as much as possible since she has a tooth condition where the enamel isn't fully formed on all her teeth (it's kind of double-layered). So these Greenies wouldn't be very affective on her.
girlie871 girlie871 9 years
I tried giving my dogs the off brand and the one of them didn't care for it at all and the other played with it for a short while once and since then has never touched it. I hadn't heard about the horror stories so i'm releived that my pups didn;t take a liking to the greenies because they can chew, bit e and try to eat nearly everything.
ehadams ehadams 9 years
My dogs love Greenies! The bad rumors about Greenies are both old and ill-informed. As others have said here, Greenies were changed a while back to be more digestible and easier to chew. Additionally, any smart pet owner should make sure to 1) buy the appropriate sized Greenie and 2) make sure the dog is supervised when eating ANY bone.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
They have Feline Greenies also, but my cats don't like them at all.
zukolivie zukolivie 9 years
The shelter where we adopted Holly fed them Greenies and then I heard a report about how bad they are, so I checked with my vet and he said as long as Holly chews them and we feed her the correct size, everyhing is fine.
wonhorsetown wonhorsetown 9 years
Holy crap I hadn't anything negative about the greenies I'm freaked out! My dog loves them and has one ever day. She's never had troubles with them. Thanks everyone for all the info and stories - I am going to talk to me vet and see what he has to say. Although I have to agree with preson who said the post by PetSugar was a bit one sided.
deanMartin deanMartin 9 years
Pedigree makes one that my dog likes just as well as greenies................they are called denta stix. he eats about one a day. they were the only thing that stopped the whining when i took away his greenies. i saw a min pin choke on a greenie. it was horribly distressing but even more so cause he was 14yrs old and blind, tried to bite everyone who came near to help him. he will also take the denta stix too!!
mollyparnis mollyparnis 9 years
They make Greenies for cats too and my cat used to love them until I tried "Temptations" made by Whiskas. She's absolutely crazy over these and only wants them at snack time. If you have a kitty you should really try them.
sfmastiffmom sfmastiffmom 9 years
Marley had them a couple times when he was young, but I've heard some horror stories about them so I choose not to give them to him anymore.
kscincotta kscincotta 9 years
I just thought I would point out that the CNN article that Pet linked to is actually from FEBRUARY 2006. Which would make it two years old and not exactly current news. As Phasekitty mentioned, Greenies completely revamped their formula in October of 2006 with a special emphasis on digestability. I thought this whole thing sounded fishy because I first bought Greenies for Shenanigans after seeing an ad in Real Simple heralding the new formula (I had never heard of them before that since we'd only had Shenans for a few months) and then I checked out the website and was really impressed. Ever since then, Shenans gets a Greenie once a week and she loves them. We've never had a problem. Although the concerned pet owner in me is going to check with the vet at our next appt.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
someone mentioned Why anyone would buy their dog something that might be a choking hazzard. Well ANYTHING could fall into that category. B-Bop eats these, he likes them hasn't had any problems. I've talked to 2 vets who haven't had any problems with them either. No one I personally know has had issues with them. I mean how many millions of these must they sell a year? And when a couple pups get ill, suddenly they're the worst thing ever. Well maybe they aren't for everyone, but obviously they're fine for plenty.
Alekxandra Alekxandra 9 years
I can only give these to my two bigger dogs, and they love them. Those two will actually chew the pieces before swallowing them; I think it's much easier for them because they have a stronger bite. Also, they've never been sick from them. My two toy poodles, however, cannot have these. They can't chew them well enough and get sick after eating one. They also made a bit of a mess with them, as well. Basically, I have mixed feelings about them, and only ever give them to my big boys whenever I can supervise them... I do like the basic intent, though. They're just not the safest things ever for smaller breeds, I think.
silly_pickle silly_pickle 9 years
I once got something similar, they were minty rings, same basic intentions. Made my dogs throw up, not fun for them. The best thing I have found is broccoli, with the full stem. The florets are good for them, and the stem helps to clean their teeth. A few things though, it can make a little bit of a mess, so it's an outdoor thing, and like others have mentioned, you really shouldn't leave your dog alone with anything they can choke on.
cherie2 cherie2 9 years
i think the thing a lot of people forget is that there is risk of choking and digestive tracts being blocked with any chew or toy. Always supervise your pets when giving them ANY chews or toys. If your pet likes to swallow without chewing properly, you should definately avoid them.
eightieslingo eightieslingo 9 years
My chihuahua loves them, but she does eat them up pretty fast. Now that there's a story like that, I'm pretty sure I won't be buying them anymore. I'd like to have my dog around for as long as possible. That story scared me enough. And now that some vets are against them, I really won't be buying them anymore.
JessNess JessNess 9 years
My dogs have never had Greenies but we once them gave them something similar in another brand. They ate them so fast that it really did nothing for the breath. So I just dont bother with those. There are actually a lot of dog treats that have problems. For example rawhides, besides the fact that rawhides are just bad for digestive tract some of them are preserved in horrible chemicals. Thats why you have to wary of what country things are made in and what they are made of
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