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What's Your Take: Should Dog Walkers Be Licensed?

What's Your Take: Should Dog Walkers Be Licensed?

Sadly, a pup can't tattle if there were too many other dogs on his walk or if it was 20 minutes shorter than you were paying for, but it's hard for me to understand how licensing dog walkers would help regulate this industry. Despite also popping up in 2007, the news in SF is that considering a required license is back on the table.
The idea is that San Francisco's Recreation and Park Department is facing some serious budgetary cuts and hope that forcing dog walkers to pay for a license would help the city recoup some of that money to fix the parks and other public spaces the dogs are using. On one hand, I would like more accountability for anyone I was entrusting with my lil guy but, in a city very limited in pet-friendly areas (compared to NYC), I'd want to see quite a few more dog runs open up before totally backing funds going towards this organization. With both those considerations in mind, how do you feel on the licensing issue?


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