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What's Your Take: Where Should Jenny Go Now?

I know zoos are a tough topic for animal lovers, especially for large roaming mammals who need plenty of room to wander. Back in May when KeKe the African Elephant died, it was only 15 minutes before the first fax came in about Dallas Zoo's remaining elephant, Jenny, and where should she go now that her BFF was gone.

Although it's been decided she's going to Africam, a safari park near Puebla, Mexico, others (including "In Defense of Animals" and "Concerned Citizens for Jenny") want her to be sent to Tennessee's Elephant Sanctuary instead.

Now, it's part of American Zoological Association (AZA) standards that these herding animals be placed with at least one other of their same species for companionship, and they prefer other accredited facilities – while the park in Mexico is, the sanctuary is not (although a co-founder says they have not sought accreditation). I'm not sure what to think – what's your stand on this sad situation?


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hottpink hottpink 7 years
I live in Tennessee and while visitors are not allowed at the sanctuary, I get a monthly newsletter from them and it is a wonderful wonderful place. The people truly care about the well-being of the elephants. They get to roam on acres of land just like the would in the wild.
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
I don't know enough about either to choose, but I think she should go wherever she'll be most comfortable. There's 2 elephants at the Santa Barbara zoo (lil mac and suzie) that have been there forever, they're like best friends. I love watching them, they're amazing
JeanninePC99 JeanninePC99 7 years
There was a great article in the New York Times magazine a few years ago about how we're literally driving elephants crazy when we put them in captivity. They have complex family units and pulling them apart is trouble for the animals that go and the ones that stay behind. The Elephant Sanctuary (if memory serves) was mentioned in that article and I think they understand how sensitive these animals are. Part of me has started to think we shouldn't have any elephants in captivity anymore. Extreme point of view, I know, but it seems to make sense.
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