Well here's an award show I've never heard of – the 'Miss Canine Costa Rica 2008' contest! Held in San Jose (not CA), over 300 dogs came out to participate in the two-day pup pageant held by Spanish-language magazine, Pets Y Mas, and turns out there was more than one winner! This cutie pie is Lila, a female Miniature Schnauzer, who won the Miss Canine photogenic competition at the festivities. To see the first place winners in the puppy and adult dog categories read more.

Below that's Tachie, a female Beagle, who captured the first place crown for 'Miss Canine Costa Rica 2008' in the puppy category and female Yorkshire Terrier, Sammy, crowned as the all-around winner of 'Miss Canine Costa Rica 2008' in the adult category. Too cute – they're all stars in my book!