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5 Ways Cats Show They Care

Jun 2 2011 - 11:16am

Cats can't speak and say why they're grateful, but I'm betting they'd thank us for yums and snuggles right off the bat . . . if they could. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, let's look at some of the ways grateful kitties show their appreciation without using words.

Kneading Paws Need Us

Cats like to knead things by using their paws (claws tucked inside). When kittens ask feline moms for milk, they knead her with paws, so by doing so, it's like she's telling you that you are her mama now!

Source: Flickr User brownpau [1]

Noses Know

When a kitty comes up to us with that twitching nose, she's picking up our familiar scent. Don't worry if she presses it against you and it feels wet; that just means she's healthy, too!

Source: Flickr User fihu [2]

Kiss Kiss

Yes, kitties like the salt on our skins, but can't I pretend she's kissing me, too?

Source: Flickr User Jacob Davies [3]

Tale of the Tales

That swishing tail was one of our decoded nonverbal cues [4] — but watch out for those wagging ones that can be a sign of anger [5].


From purrs of pleasure to meows for food, pay attention to a cat's noises — she's trying to tell you something, even if you can't understand it yet!

Source: Flickr User rkelland [6]

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