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If Your Dog Wasn't a Dog, He'd Be a...

If Your Dog Wasn't a Dog, He'd Be a...

When I brought my puppy home on the Metro North, a man next to me on the train suggested I name him "Cat." Little (yet unnamed) North pawed and batted at the crate doors like a little kitty . . . and, to this day, he has mastered the sneak-up-and-pounce technique on his squeakers. Yeah, so the toys aren't alive or moving – perhaps he's not the brightest cat in the bunch – but I find him often catlike nonetheless.

Awwww. After watching this video of the adorable Lily, all I could recall were her rabbit like leaps and bounds. She hop hopped her way through the snowbanks, and I think she looked like a little bunny-in-training. Whether you share your home with a dog or a cat, which animal do you think your pet acts like the most?

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