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Your Guess Is as Good as an Orangutan?

Jan 6 2010 - 3:10pm

I'm no gambler so I'd say one can never really guarantee who'll win any sporting event — they're not called upsets for nothing! Naturally, your guess is as good as mine . . . or an orangutan's?

To help predict the winner of the college national championship for football, the LA Zoo decorated papier-mâché figures filled with treats to represent mascots [1] for the two teams playing in the BCS game on Thursday. This year, 30-year-old Bruno got to pick from a Texas Longhorn or Big Al, the elephant of the University of Alabama. As you can see from the picture, he immediately grabbed for the cattle. (Hook 'em horns.) After a brief investigation, he set it back down, demolished the Alabama elephant and then returned for the Longhorn. Ha.

While it definitely makes for a fun photo opp, it's also a neat enrichment treat for zoo animals — can you remember another place that consulted an ape to answer an important question? Find out when you .

It was Oscar Jonesy! The San Francisco Zoo took a similar approach for the naming process of baby Hasani [2], letting this papa gorilla pick from a series of color-coded cantaloupes [3] to name his offspring.

Source: Los Angeles Zoo [4]

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