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Be Oscar the Non-Grouchy

If you don't want to invest in a big plastic bin just for pet's sake, any large metal trash can gets the job done, too!

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fancyspatula fancyspatula 6 years
Keeping your dog food in an airtight container is a must to keep food fresh; however, not any canister will do. TRASH CANS ARE NOT FOOD SAFE, especially metal ones. Most commercially produced foods can and will absorb toxins from the metals and can make your dog sick. Think of it this way- don't store your dog's food in anything you wouldn't eat out of. When was the last time you ate out of a trash can? As for plastic containers, they MUST be food-safe plastic. Plastic by nature is a porous material. The fats in the kibble will get into those pores and turn rancid. Not very appetizing. Your best bet is to make sure you're using a food safe, air tight container and place the entire bag inside. The bags are designed with preservatives in the lining that will keep your food fresh. But no matter what container you use or how airtight your container, you have about 6 weeks to use the food before it oxidizes to a nutritional value of zero.
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