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Know Thy Dog Park Neighbor

Make friends with the other dog owners that frequent the park, or at least get to know their dogs. This is helpful to know which dogs do or don't get along with your pet, and it's always nice to have someone to trade stories, supplies, and a laugh or two with!


piecesbroken piecesbroken 8 years
for some reason I've found that larger dogs have an affinity to smaller dogs, at least my 2 babies do. So when they are running toward a smaller dog all they want to do is say hello. I've never seen them get aggressive with smaller dogs because they don't feel like they are being challenged for that top dog position . If you pick your dog up these other dogs will jump because they want to say hello. And it causes added stress to your dog . If things aren't at their eye level they are going to jump until they are. I can't say that all dogs are properly trained but there are a few bad apples that ruin it for the rest of the bunch. When I'm at the park I tell people as long as I don't see blood I'm good and so are my boys, a little dog on dog action doesn't hurt (especially since they are both fixed). Animals in social situation usually can take better care of themselves better than we can.
eleigh eleigh 8 years
I had a similar situation, Dior and I were at the dog park and all of a sudden a rottie just turned and bit Dior I went in to get Dior and wound up getting bit as well - by Dior. The rottie's owner came and got his dog and said that the rottie was a rescue, I think he should have been a bit more aware bringing his dog to the park esp if he wasn't sure how his dog would act in that situation.
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
I've had that happen too, Wren. A big dog came after my doxie Ladybird and I scooped her up, but these two black and tan dogs (too big to be min pins, but looked like it) kept running around my legs, jumping and nipping at Ladybird and me. And the owner just stood there, laughing about how playful his dogs were.
wren1 wren1 8 years
Earlier this year an unleashed bigger dog came after my little one at a leashed dog park. I scooped mine up and then the dog was after me. I sprained my ankle trying to get away. The owner just stood there watching :?
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